LovenHeal Me is the new way to request healing or help in the post-pandemic world.

Swipe to Get Healed

Yes, all you’ve got to do is, Swipe. As soon as you swipe and provide your details, we relay your request to the healers worldwide, who’ve pledged to the cause and have agreed to heal you, real-time and instantly.

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We’ve worked hard for many years to make this an easy and instantaneous process for you. Remember, it took thousands of hours, hundreds of iterations, dozens of people working for one single cause, to come up with a magic button that heals you just with a SWIPE.

The wait is over

The app is coming soon on Apple and Google stores. Download and let us know how it healed you. Be the first to adapt and make it a part of your life.

There are three simple steps:

Download the App

Register yourself

Swipe to get Healed

Healing made easier just for you

My Healings for Healer

A dashboard containing all your healing data real-time

Healer Preferences

Update your preferences and register as a free distressed healer

My Healings for Healee

A summary of your requested healings

LovenHeal makes it possible, for the first time in history, to make the power of healing available for everyone and spontaneously. LovenHeal believes that health is everyone's birthright and make no exception, each and everyone can be healed, and therefore should be.
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