Are you a Healer?

“A healer is not someone who heals you. Healer only lifts the obstacles from the free flow of energy and awakens your innate ability to heal.”

This pandemic has divided the world into two; those who need help and those who can provide it. The difference is completely visible for the first time in a long time. Surprisingly, you, as a Healer, has the responsibility for this.

Are you ready to play your part?

Have you ever helped or healed anyone? Have you ever prayed for someone? Someone, you love? Of course, you have. It’s a silly question. Most of us have helped, healed, and prayed for someone in our lives.

We are human after all.

But as Peter Parker principle says: With great power comes great responsibility.

What should I do?

LovenHeal brings a one-of-its-kind mobile App that fills this whopping gap. Distressed users anywhere, ask for help in the click of a button. These ‘LovenHeal me’ calls are answered by distance healers around the globe who have registered for this program.

If you do not know the art of healing, it’s okay.

Can you pray?
Can you wish for someone to be well?
Can you visualize well-being and love for someone?

If yes, congratulations!
You are eligible for this program.

You can still answer these SOS calls from your heart.
Everyone is already a healer. Our body is a miracle, and we already have a sensational ability to heal.

Healers, Psychics, Practitioners, Doctors, and Everyone who chooses to register in this unique program can download this free app and register as a healer

By consenting to send at least three free healings every day, you become eligible to enroll for this incredible phenomenon. Of course, you can do more healing calls and for more time. One is more like a daily prayer to get you started for the day. It is a daily affirmation for the holistic welfare of the caller.

LovenHeal gives you a chance to offer your services to users worldwide who need
holistic treatment

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