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Creating Awareness about Healing and Complementary Medicine

Creating a Better Future for Healers and Complementary Medicine Practitioners 

Creating a Central Platform to Connect Healers with End-Users

About LovenHeal​

LovenHeal is the parent company which offers a range of digital and tangible products in multiple spheres of traditional medicines and therapies such as alternative-therapy, complementary-medicine, home-made, crystals and gems, healing, distressed-helpline services, merchandise, and teacher training.

LovenHeal offers business solutions for healers working in all categories of healing such as reiki, chakras, crystals, energy, psychic, angel, and chanting, and welcomes experts from specialties such as brain-programming, colors, hypnotherapy, NLP, aromas, magnets, BFT and EFT. LovenHeal offers practitioners from all alternative therapy realms, a one-stop-shop, a personal space, one that they design and create. 

LovenHeal invites alternative therapy teachers and healers from all areas of complementary medicine from all over the world, for a first-class experience. 

LovenHeal delivers revenue to healers and offers coaching, webinars, customers, and consulting.

A healer can host events, blog about a topic they love, tap into their social presence, and boost their profits instantly. We offer a LovenHeal Seal program (A LovenHeal Sealed healer is trusted by users worldwide) and LovenHeal coins that are redeemable for various services. We are the de-facto premium partner for healing practitioners all over the world. 

Premium features include a visual dashboard, industry-peeks, a life-time partnership, and a lavish experience. We sell only rare and that of the highest quality. We offer instant revenue to our partners, initially free-leads, flexible billing, and a guarantee of trust. Our platform is fully based on cloud and we vouch for security, scalability, and availability.
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